Wendy Patton – Working with Realtors

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Her presentation to share with Realtors including the script of what to say line by line.

Wendy Patton – Working with Realtors

Wendy Patton – Working with Realtors

Check it out: Wendy Patton – Working with Realtors

The Realtor System is Wendy’s niche. She is the BEST in the country at working with Realtors. She knows ALL the ins and outs of how Realtors work and think. She is a licensed real estate broker in 3 states and will show you how to get Realtors Begging You to to Buy Their Listings, in your market. Wendy is the ONLY national real estate coach to show you how and why you should work with Realtors. Why not? They work with 80- 90% of sellers. Wendy likes to buy the “pretty” and nice homes, therefore Realtors are her key to this strategy.While other real estate teachers might suggest you stay away from Real Estate Agents, Wendy shows you how to profit from their relationships with their sellers. Sellers tell Realtors EVERYTHING about their personal lives. They know who is motivated and why. Realtors are the first person to hear a seller say the dreaded 4 letter word, “Realtor, if my home doesn’t sell soon, I am going to have to RENT it!” Most Realtors panic when they hear this word, but Wendy teaches you how to capitalize on the 4 letter word with Realtors so your phone rings off the hook like your teenage daughters.This course will show you how to get Realtors Begging You to Buy Their Listings. Why would they do this? Wendy shows you how to make it a win/win; how to help their sellers and how to pay the real estate agent to close a deal with you. She does this all without using any your own money or credit. In this course Wendy will show you:

What to say to Realtors so that the 4 letter word (RENT) is something they wish they heard more often.

How to get your phone ringing off the wall with calls from Realtors.

How to get into a real estate office and work with the managing broker.

Ways to get Realtors to bring you the sellers on a deal and then the buyers, as well. They do the leg work for you and you get all of the profit.

When you learn Wendy’s secrets, you will be depositing huge checks into your savings account. Her training is complete and step-by-step. In Wendy’s course you will also:

Learn tested and proven methods which will get Realtors begging you to buy their listings.

Learn how to create a simple proposal before you go to contract.

Be taught different ways to attract Realtors so you can use the techniques you like the best.

Many investors are working too hard to find their leads for sellers. Wendy shows you how to make it simple and get more deals on your desk top then you can handle. Why not work with those that have the deals in the bag already (Realtors)? Wendy takes you through the entire step-by-step approach of how to work with Realtors for your next investment property. Wendy has also included audio CDs that help you prepare to work with Realtors and complete your transaction with ease. Here is what is included:Five CDs:

Putting It All Together: The Ins and Outs of Structuring the Deal (2 CD’s): details on working with Realtors in a buyer’s market and one for working in a seller’s market. These CDs share her secrets from a Realtor herself (Wendy), and show you exactly what to say to Realtors so they will listen and work with you. She shows you how to present to them so they will listen to you and send you both their seller and buyer leads.

Live Realtor Conversations – Wendy recorded her calls so you can listen and learn – these calls have Wendy’s script to find Realtors that will bring you DEALS.

Working the Realtor System – Wendy shares with you how to be the only one into real estate offices to share this secret with them. It also covers the question of: To be licensed or not? She shares the pros and cons of being a licensed real estate agent.

Forms Disc – all the forms in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint so you can download and tailor fit to your specific deal.

Also included:

Her presentation to share with Realtors including the script of what to say line by line.

Her proposal to work with a customer of a Realtor – it makes it a very simple transaction when you start with something simple.

Her letters to send to Realtors to get them bringing you more deals then you can handle.

Plus she includes applicable articles, useful examples and real life samples.Her experience with Realtors surpasses anyone in the industry. As a bonus you will also receive her book: Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and Subject Tos. This book is a MUST for everyone interested in lease options and subject tos. It is a guide to her courses and strategies.What are you waiting for? Start today with Wendy’s proven system of Working with Realtors!For the Best Value look at Wendy’s Real Estate Wealth Building Arsenal!

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Wendy Patton – Working with Realtors

Wendy Patton – Working with Realtors

$50.00$297.00 (-83%)

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