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I just wanted to say thank you for the resources and the great information




Don’t let the GATEKEEPERS


Take control of your publishing with a revolutionary new system for writing and publishing books that sell.

If you’ve been…

working too hard to finish your book


have already published but can’t sell

it’s time for a new approach!

Guerrilla Publishing

The easiest and cheapest way to publish a profitable book

Launch books to #1 bestseller with my PROVEN plan

An audience of loyal readers who love to share your work

Isn’t it time you made a commitment to your writing?

From no idea to published author in just 90 days, with my bestseller blueprint and exclusive step-by-step system


Guerrilla Publishing is an online course & mentorship program that will take you from zero platform to #1 bestseller in less than 90 days.



You’ll get everything you need to write great books and market them with integrity, PLUS expert advice to save you time and money.




First, you’ll figure out who your target audience is and what they actually want, so you can position and design your book to attract them – which will easily triple your marketing efforts. Then you’ll use my writing resources and templates to double-check the most important parts of your book, to avoid amateur mistakes and strengthen the final product.

★ how to outline your book, to save months of painful revision
★ finding time to write (even if you’re busy)
★ never get writer’s block or procrastination again
★ market research and competition analysis
★ choosing keywords and categories for free visibility
★ instantly hook their interest so they pay attention

Second, we’ll deep-dive into the principles of bestselling book design. Getting the cover right is crucial to success (even if you hire a professional designer, you may still end up with a cover that doesn’t sell unless you understand why one cover performs better than another.)

I’ll share templates for formatting, recommend best fonts, and also walk you through uploading your files for print and ebook distribution, and how to focus on the things that matter most.

★ cover design secrets that sell
★ how to format your own books for print and ebook
★ where to upload your files for maximum distribution
★ optimizing your Amazon page and metadata
★ mistakes that will get you blacklisted from bookstores
★ best fonts to use for every genre
★ writing a powerful blurb that seizes the imagination

Third, you’ll learn how to build an email list of fans, get a bunch of reviews, and launch your book to #1 bestseller and make it an “instant classic.” I’ll give you the exact book launch checklist I’ve used to launch hundreds of books, and share the best promotional sites and strategies to get maximum visibility.


★ build an engaged email list with book giveaways
★ get book reviews without begging or buying
★ build trust and credibility with your autoresponder
★ prelaunch with promo graphics (templates included!)
★ how to get media attention (without useless press releases)
★ finding influencers who will share your launch


Fourth, you’ll learn how to maintain long-term visibility by growing and automating your author platform. Hitting #1 for a day feels great in the short-term, but if you want to make a living as a writer you need your books to keep selling for months, if not years, after launch.

We’ll also improve your branding and story, and get your author platform and sales growing on autopilot – so you can stop marketing and have the freedom and energy and to write books you love.

★ how to set up your author website (and what to blog about)
★ Facebook, Twitter and social media hacks
★ AMS and Facebook advertising
★ joint author promos and content marketing
★ how to hit the USA Today or NYT bestseller lists

To launch bestsellers, you need three things:

1. A book readers love (and actually find)

2. Amazing book design and formatting

3. A platform of supportive readers

Screw up any one of them, and your book won’t sell no matter how much visibility you get.



The problem is, for most people, getting these things right is really difficult. HOW do you get more book reviews? What makes a bestselling cover? What kind of blurb will convert readers?

Bestseller Blueprint

My innovative process for creating books that sell is the ONLY foolproof way to make a living as a writer, and if you do it right, you won’t even need book marketing.


I spent months recording detailed videos breaking down my entire process, and answering every publishing question I could think of. I included step-by-step strategies showing you exactly what to do, so you never have to worry about “what’s next.”

Banish the Overwhelm

Stop spinning your wheels. This self-publishing and book marketing masterclass has everything you need to finish and launch your bestseller and fund your next big idea.

We’ve helped hundreds of authors achieve LIFE-CHANGING results… now it’s your turn.

I have never followed anyone that comes across as genuine as you are. I don’t trust people easily as I am naturally skeptical, but you are different. You have proven yourself again and again. I used to follow some other well-known self-publishing gurus until I eventually learned that they didn’t care if I succeeded or not. Any time I talk with anyone about writing, publishing, or creating, I mention you and your approach. You are THAT good.


David Lawrence Middle Grade Scifi

Tons of value in this course! Just the author platform audit is worth a lot, since it’s coming from an author with a PhD in Literature, and the experience and sales proof to back up what he teaches. One of the BEST WRITING COURSES available.


Cory Reynolds Young Adult Author

The indie publishing information business can sleazy. I stumbled on Derek later than sooner, but live and learn. I am VERY IMPRESSED by the breadth of his knowledge and his willingness to share. He’s the real deal. Not some internet marketing dude. He’s proven his worth and value time after time, and I am fine spending money on any course he puts out. If he’s selling something, I’m buying it.


Tari Akpodiete Journalist

Derek Murphy offers a refreshing, honest perspective in the indie author business. I consume everything he puts out as fast as it becomes available. It’s comprehensive, timely, and real. I do a lot of coordinating with groups of authors, both online in the Romance author community and in my local area. People always ask me “WHERE DO I BEGIN?” and among the short list of things that make up my response to that question, Derek Murphy is one of them.


Nicole R. Locker Contemporary Romance

This course has it all. It covers every aspect of self-publishing, from your initial book idea to book launch and marketing. I followed Derek’s advice, redesigned an underperforming title and saw a MARKED INCREASE in downloads. I’m already seeing more traffic coming my way. I would definitely recommend this course over many others costing more than twice as much.


Shaun L. Griffiths YA fantasy

Both series popped within an hour of going live on Amazon and sold double what they had previously this month. Yesterday was the best sales day of the month so far in all my books. And that was just the first day. I did ZERO PROMOTIONS for any of this. Today is shaping up to be even better. You are a breath of fresh air in this business, and I’ll keep up with the course and implement some of it. It has already given me value back.


Douglas Clegg NYT Bestselling Author


I wish I’d known about you and all this wonderful material several years ago. I feel like I FINALLY HAVE A ROADMAP that will lead me to the success I’ve been striving for. My “to do” list for fixing my books so they’ll start converting to sales keeps growing with all of your ideas.


Ida Smith Thriller Author

I just wanted to say thank you for the resources and the great information. By following your advice I’ve stablized my sales, redone my covers, and am about to have my MOST SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH yet for my third book. Since I’ve gobbled up all of your info, I’ve become a much better stwear of my fiction.


Casey Calouette Military Scifi

Derek, thank you so much for sharing your learnings. You are a genius! Thanks to you I worked on a marketing strategy that helped my book be a #1 BESTSELLER last week. Please keep sharing because it makes a difference.


Norka Parodi Real Estate Writer

As a new indie author with one unsuccessful book launch, I needed a way forward. Cue Derek Murphy, the Creativ-Indie. I could have spent hours poring the internet and refining my methods, but why would I when it is all in one place? And that’s what the Guerrilla Publishing course is – EVERYTHING NEEDED to produce and release a book, all in one place. I’m hugely excited about moving forward and putting all this into action.


James Hockley Dark Fantasy

Man, your courses have so much detail, and so many GREAT IDEAS! And the videos…I have to constantly pause and write stuff down, then I go back and rewatch several times. This course is the juiciest marketing/publishing course I’ve ever taken, and I’ve been through a few. Thanks for what you do!


J.K. Campbell Middle Grade Fiction

When it comes to self publishing, there are a vast number of resources out there. However, for those who have struggled for years without finding success, you need a practical guide. Derek Murphy’s course will teach you how to write the books and then, market them in the right places. Without that KEY STRATEGY, the books fail despite the amount you spend marketing it. He should be charging more, but he seems to be the kind of guy that wants to help and goes all out.


Ginny Clyde Paranormal Romance

Win the publishing war


Get the confidence you need to launch your book successfully, and avoid amateur mistakes that can kill sales.

I encourage & empower authors to take control of their own publishing, bypass the gatekeepers, and actually earn a living with their writing. What’s success worth to you

These strategies will do more than just give you “bestseller status.” You’ll be learning something much more valuable, something totally new and different:

A publishing revolution

and step-by-step process based on providing value and writing books that sell; plus the tools, resources and support you need to start earning real income from your books.

Guerrilla Publishing isn’t about writing crappy books or gaming the system.

It’s about long-term, strategic action, and being nimble enough to out-maneuver large publishing houses. It’s about satisfying your readers, so you can build up a massive fanbase that’s hungry for your next release.

Although I’m confident this course has everything you need, the truth is it’s still not enough.

Knowledge is useless unless you take action.

You might be thinking, I don’t have time for more courses. That’s why I give personal feedback and attention to every single student in my course, along with a

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